5 Handpicked Costa Rica Beach Hotels & Resorts

When you think of beaches and pristine coastlines, Costa Rica is high up on the list of having the most popular resort hotels. Tourists flock this beautiful country in Central America to enjoy its vibrant environments as well. Even though the government has placed strict laws and regulations about developing areas near the coasts, you can find many beach hotels that offer easy access to the beaches while providing high-end amenities. If you are looking for a place to spend the holidays, go on a honeymoon or just take a simple yet memorable vacation, then check out this list of five hand-picked Costa Rica beach hotels that may suit your needs.

1. The Preserve at Los Altos Resort & Spa

Costa Rica Beach Hotel - The Preserve at Los Altos
People get away for adventure and relaxation. Los Altos is a place where you can enjoy the luxuries and comforts of a beach hotel while basking in the beauty of nature and exploration. This beach resort is known far and wide for offering high-quality service to its guests. It is beautiful and majestic not only because of its luxurious infrastructure but also because it is situated along the amazingly beautiful Manuel Antonio coast surrounded by tropical rain-forests.

At this hotel you are guaranteed to enjoy both white sand and lush vegetation while being treated to world-class facilities and amenities. The Preserve at Los Altos also offers onsite hiking trails, exclusive beach and spa treatments. It is the perfect place for those who want to lounge in beach chairs and get a tan, relax all day in their infinity pool, have dinner under the starlight, or try different adventures.

2. Villa Caletas

Villa Caletas Hotel Costa Rica
This beach resort is attracting visitors because of the privacy it offers its guests. The Villa Caletas is situated on a hilltop that overlooks a private beach by Herradura. The hotel itself has exquisite decorations and architecture that will fascinate those who choose to spend some time there. It also boasts of its own fitness center, a spa, restaurants and bar in its outdoor pool. For those who want to enjoy both mountainside view and the ocean, the Villa Caletas is perfect. This resort also offers different adventures such as day trips, boat cruises horse riding and ATV rides.

3. Hotel San Bada

San Bada Hotel
Located beside the Manuel Antonio National Park, the Hotel San Bada has 67 rooms that have either ocean or garden views. Those who booked here will surely appreciate easily accessible restaurants, outdoor pools, terrace bar, gym and spa. Visitors can also enjoy different fun activities such as sport fishing, white water rafting, jet skiing, mangrove tours, and even dolphin watching.

4. Tambor All Inclusive Beach Resort

Tambor all Iclusive Beach Hotel Costa Rica
This resort is perfect for all-inclusive hotel type lovers who want a secluded place to enjoy Costa Rica’s sun and beach. The Tambor Beach Resort is located along the Nicoya Peninsula, it has comfortable rooms, some of them offering beach views and modern amenities. It also has its own all-inclusive buffet style restaurant where guests can have a memorable gastronomic experience.

After spending the day at the beach and still not getting enough of the sun and water, clients can relax in their large swimming pool or they can get a massage treatment in their room. The resort also offers activities like day trips, bird watching tours, horseback riding, snorkeling, jungle hiking and kayaking by the sea.

5. Four Seasons Resort

Four Season Resort Papagayo Peninsula
Situated at the Gulf of Papagayo, the Four Seasons Resort is the one of the best family-friendly luxurious beach resorts in Costa Rica’s north Pacific coast. It is quite impressive with 155 rooms from standard to villas and even extravagant tree houses. You can enjoy swimming in one of the three large swimming pools or diving in the plunge pools. Four Seasons also offers complimentary cooking classes as well as lessons on flower arranging. Adults can play tennis or relax in their spas while children can do various art activities, watch birds, collect seashells or make crafts. Four Seasons is near the Audubon Bird Sanctuary, various national parks and golf courses as well.

When a beach vacation comes to mind, a lot of people may only think of swimming, getting a tan or enjoying sunsets. But Costa Rica beach resorts offer more than just the regular beach experience – they allow access to different activities that guests can enjoy and even provide rentals to paddle-boards, personal golf carts and other facilities. It’s time kick the sandals off your feet and be pampered in one of Costa Rica’s luxurious beach resorts for a great time of rest and relaxation.