Top San Jose Costa Rica Hotels


San Jose is the capital of Costa Rica and the center of transportation and business in the whole Central America. But is also a popular touristy destination. If you are planning to visit San Jose soon, then below are some of the top San Jose Costa Rica hotels worth looking at.

Hotel Don Carlos

If you want to experience San Jose, Costa Rica the way it was described in travel guide books then you need to stay at Hotel Don Carlos. This hotel is actually a converted downtown house that once belonged to one of the former presidents of Costa Rica. Local arts and crafts decorates the walls of hallways and rooms of this hotel. Lush potted plants, orchids and palms are also everywhere lending a real Costa Rican ambiance to the environment. If you are staying in this hotel, make sure to dine in one of its restaurants that are located on a covered patio and eat on marble tables while seated on wrought iron chairs. And the food in these restaurants is excellent as well.

Crown Plaza Corobici

The 11-story Crown Plaza Corobici business class hotel is located on the northeastern portion of a part of San Jose known as La Sabana park. One of the first things that you will notice about this hotel is its unique exterior. It has been described as a cross between an air traffic control tower, a pyramid and a housing block from communist-era Russia. Inside though you will discover why many consider this is as one of the best hotels in San Jose. It has a huge lobby with an open interior and well-maintained rooms that will make you come back again and again. The hotel also features several restaurants, gym, spa and casino. If the hotel enmities will not get you hooked then the friendly and attentive staff surely will.

Hotel Grano de Oro

If you are looking for the best of the best that San Jose can offer then you should definitely book a room at the Hotel Grano de Oro, which is considered as the standard-bearer of luxury boutique hotels in the area. This hotel used to be a colonial-era mansion that has been converted into a place of respite in one of the busiest cities in Costa Rica. All of the rooms in this hotel are decorated in such a way as to remind people of old Costa Rica. Some rooms even come with a private Jacuzzi and a garden patio. If you don’t want to stay at the Hotel Grano de Oro at least eat at dine at its restaurant which is considered as one of the city’s best.